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Victoria Airport Limited Cargo Acceptance

Effective May 4, 2020
Pacific Coastal Airlines will be restricting cargo shipment handling at Victoria International Airport to a maximum chargeable weight of 49 lbs. This will include shipments originating or terminating at Victoria International Airport. Shipments that are transiting through Victoria International Airport are not affected by this change.

No single item dimension may exceed 29 in x 20 in. Multiple pieces must fit inside a baggage
sizer. (30 in x 21 in)


Guaranteed Cargo

Confirmed space on the next available flight, or confirm your cargo on a later one to suit your timetable. If weather, or safety concern, causes delay or cancellation a flight, your cargo will be set for the next one. If a delay or cancellation of a flight is our fault, and you choose to ship your cargo anyway, you are entitled to a rebate of the difference between Guaranteed and Standby rates.
Human Remains*, Shipments of Exceptional Value/Valuable shipments must be shipped as Guaranteed Cargo on a prepaid basis only.

*Due to specific shipping requirements, transportation of human remains must be booked through a funeral home. The maximum weight accepted for a Human Remains shipment is 250 lbs on a very limited  basis, contact the base of departure for more details. Most bases are restricted to a maximum weight of 140 lbs.

 See Guidance Document: Human Remains Handling

For Guaranteed Cargo rates, please contact our Cargo head office at 1.855.615.1381.

Priority Cargo

Unconfirmed, your cargo will be boarded on the next available flight ahead of Standby Cargo. Specific flights are not available for request. Items automatically shipped as Priority Cargo include:
·        blood shipments (for transfusion, samples, products)
·        cremated human remains
·        emergency medical supplies
·        live animals, except tropical fish and insects (minimum charge is $84.00 including GST)
·        firearms
·        live animals which must be prepaid, (Minimum charge is $84.00 including GST)
·        vaccines

Standby Cargo

An economy service. Standby Cargo is shipped if there is space available after customer baggage, Guaranteed Cargo, and Priority Cargo have been boarded.
An envelope rate is available between all Pacific Coastal Airlines airports. For a quote contact Pacific Coastal Airlines cargo at 1.855.615.1381.

Shipping cargo from or to Kelowna ceased on December 21, 2018

Pacific Coastal Airlines Cargo Tariff

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