Sports Equipment

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Sports Equipment

Below is a list of items classified under this category of Sports Equipment. Inquiries for any other item not listed here or for clarification otherwise contact our office nearest to you at Pacific Coastal Airlines Cargo or 1-855-615.1381


Guidance Document for Shipping Bikes

Bicycles may be shipped in rigid containers (i.e. plastic or heavy cardboard) designed specifically for the bike being tendered. No part of the bicycle may protrude outside of the container.

Any bicycle tendered to Pacific Coastal Airlines that is not in a container shall have the handlebars turned sideways (the front wheel remains straight), with the pedals removed.

  • Shipment charges calculation will be based on the chargeable weight determined from the greater of gross weight versus dimensional weight.
  • Shippers are responsible for providing packaging, turning handle bar and removing pedals.
  • If a bicycle has hydraulic cylinders that are leaking, the shipper must remove the cylinders prior to shipping.
Bows and Arrows

Bows and arrows must be packaged in rigid hard shell protective containers designed for such. These items will not be accepted loose.


Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are accepted as a secured firearm for Cargo. Firearms will not be accepted unless they are confirmed to be unloaded (with the safety on) and packaged in a specially designed firearm case (hard metal or plastic with a lock). Ammunition will not be accepted as cargo. A Cargo Firearms Declaration must be completed and signed at the time of tender as cargo.

Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods must be packaged in a hard shell protective container designed for shipping. If a shipper wishes to send fishing rods loose without a protective case, Pacific Coastal Airlines Cargo will not accept the shipment.

Golf Clubs

These must be packed in a hard case or in travel carry bag. Golf clubs cannot be exposed.

Hockey Equipment

Hockey equipment must be packaged appropriately for the items presented.
i.e. Uniforms, pants, gloves, goalie masks, helmets must be in equipment bags.

Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats (i.e. Zodiacs) must be packed into rigid containers. Self-inflating boats will not be accepted if the pressure canister is contained within the package, such must be packed into a rigid container.

Life Jackets

Self-inflating life jackets cannot be accepted as cargo if tendered with pressurized cannisters.

Rigid Hull Water Craft

Due to size limitations, Pacific Coastal Airlines is not able to accommodate rigid-hull water craft like canoes and kayaks.

Skis and Snowboards

These should be packed in a hard-sided cases. Boots cannot be shipped loose, they may be tied together. Torches for waxing are prohibited.

Scuba Gear

Masks must be tendered in a protective container to protect the glass face shield. If not, it will be refused.
Spears for spear guns, must not have exposed points. They must be wrapped to prevent damage to baggage or cargo, and injury to staff.

All cylinders must be empty with the gauges reading ZERO.

Gas for gas powered torches are prohibited.

Any item powered by lithium batteries with the batteries installed is prohibited as are lithium batteries tendered separately.

Surfboards & Paddleboards

The longest surfboard or paddleboard that can be accepted is 86” (213cm) in length*. It must be in a case, the surfboard and shipping container combined must not exceed 70lbs.

*Length: from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail surfboard, including the travel case.

Due to space availability, Pacific Coastal Airlines is not able to accommodate all types and sizes of surfboards.

Shipment charges calculation will be based on the chargeable weight determined from the greater of gross weight versus dimensional weight.

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